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As the sole distributor of the following world class software, our services will focus on providing accounting software-product, training, support and implementation to our customers.

QuickBooks, Best selling accounting software in the U.S. The software package is suitable for use by small business for trading, services, subcontractor, etc. eZee, Hotel and POS software


Our Vision 

Our company will be

1.   of small-sized supported by staff of high caliber with particular emphasis on flexibility and profitability; 
2.   the leader in the application of the state of the art technology and management system to small businesses.

3.   the top company in modern accounting and tax management services having distribution network throughout Thailand.

Business Concept
We believe in the principle of win-win game, there will be 4 partners in our business who will share the win

Clients :  will receive not only the quality but also value services. We basically help our clients build their businesses by: 
Simplifying the accounting system, eliminating the double entry and increasing the accuracy of financial data which ultimately create reliable financial information. 
Business strategy counseling based on the reliable financial statement. 
Tax planning counseling. Not only we are fully aware of our responsibility as a tax payee, but we encourage our clients to have a tax planning to legally save money in tax. 
Our team : We emphasize on providing our team not only the opportunity to improve their overall quality of life but also the satisfaction of improving the business of others; 
Thai economy : To enable the Thai entrepreneurs and small business enterprises which together account for 95% of the business in Thailand to enjoy the competitive advantages of our products and services so as to benefit the Thai economy in taxes and economic structure. 

Our organization : will grow along with all the parties.


Social Policy 
We co-operated (by providing training free of charge) with the Intuit Inc, U.S.A. and the Asia Foundation which have donated 9,000 sets of QuickBooks, the world's best accounting software for use for SMEs . 

We have already donated more than 2,000 sets of QuickBooks to several universities in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University, Thammasart University, Chiengmai University, Khonkaen University ,Rajjapat University and provide free training too.

We provide special discounts to non-profit organizations 
We provide Thai tax courses for foreigners who are doing business in Thailand and would like to learn Thai taxation laws and regulations in order to be able to comply with the local laws and regulations.

We were the advisor of the Department of Business Development(DBD) ,Ministry of Commerce , in developing 200 of Thai Accounting firm and 200 of Thai consultancy firm in their project in 2003-2004 
We are one of the 8 accounting firms that DBD have chosen to be prototype that hundreds of accounting firms in their development project will visit in order to study our management style.

We are invited from DBD as the speaker for Marketing and Business plan of accounting firm on their project in developing over 800 accounting firms in Thailand during 2003 until now(Year 2006) 
We are the advisor of JICA in their support to DBD the advance class in developing 300 of Thai accounting firm in 2005 
NAT up to date : 
In September 2008, we have been the ISO 9001:2000 certified company as well as being the first accounting firm who has got a certificate of “Quality Accounting Firm” from the Department of Business Development ,the Ministry of Commerce.

NAT is the  Intuit authorized QuickBooks Premier Distributor/Reseller/Agent  in Thailand.

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