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Accounting Angel

I've been told that this column is to be named "Accounting Angel" because so many people in Thailand are confused about the tax system and good advice from a professional is like an Angel watching over them.

Corporate Income Tax Preparation Checklist

By the end of May Thai companies have to file a corporate income tax return, use the following tax preparation checklist to gather the information you will need to prepare your tax return.

Filing Corporate Income Tax for your villa

As a Thai company, if your fiscal year (accounting period) is based on the calendar year, you have to file corporate income tax within 150 days after year end no matter whether you have any income or expenses in your business during the year or not and the dead line for accounting period Jan-Dec'06 is to file the tax return within May 30, 2007.

It's CIT time again

Any Thai company subject to corporate income tax (CIT) is required to file a half-year tax return by estimating its annual net profit and its tax liability; and must pay half of the estimated tax amount within two months of the end of the first six months of its accounting period.

Making your pub pay

Last month I had a chance to visit an organisation in the UK called EK Williams (EKW). This company runs accounting procedures for firms in a way that we've never seen in Thailand, but I think they will be the model for accountancy practices here in the future too.

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